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The Last NASCAR Winston Cup Champion

Sports Trivia

In his fourth year Matt Kenseth clinched his first Winston Cup Championship by finishing fourth at the Pop Secret 400 at the North Carolina Speedway on November 9, 2003. It is also the first championship for Rouch Racing.

Kenseth won only one race over the 2003 series, being the first driver since Benny Parsons in 1973 to win the championship with only one race win.

2003 is the last year for the Winston Cup, after 33 years with NASCAR, making Kenseth the last Winston Cup winner. New tobacco advertizing legislation has forced R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. to end its sponsorship of the championship. Nextel takes over in it's place for 2004.

Posted:  2003-11-24  11:16:32 AM

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