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Origin Of The Lava Lamp


The Lava Lamp, popularized in the seventies, was originally called the Astro Lamp and fathered by Edward Craven-Walker, a naturist and inventor from Dorset, England.

The lamp was launched in 1963 and became an instant success, selling millions. The lamp is made of colored globs of oozing wax suspended in water (mixed with a cocktail of "secret ingredients") and enclosed in a glass tube lit and warmed by a light.

In 1965 the Chicago-based Lava Manufacturing Company (now Lava World) purchased the rights to the lamp and launched a successful range of "motion lamps," including the classic Lava Lite.

In England in the 1990s, young entrepreneur Cressida Granger bought Craven-Walker’s Poole-based company, Crestwell Ltd. and renamed it Mathmos. In the following years the lamp has enjoyed a resurgency in popularity, with more being sold than ever before.

Source: MSNBC News

Posted:  2003-10-20  9:28:02 AM

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