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Disabled World War II Combat Pilot In The RAF

Human Achievements

Douglas Bader, born in London in 1910, flew for the Royal Air Force before the second world war, but a crash resulted in the amputation of both his legs. He was discharged from the RAF, but allowed to rejoin when war broke out with Germany. He became a flight leader and was instrumental in the Battle of Britain and developed many new revolutionary tactics and strategies. He attained 23 combat victories by the summer of 1941, making him the fifth highest scoring ace in the RAF, before crashing due to a mid air collision on August 9th, 1941 over France. He initially escaped, but was captured and held at Colditz until the end of the war. Bader left the RAF in 1946.

Posted:  2003-01-12  10:04:46 AM

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Human Achievements

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