In My Serenity

In my serenity I retreat from the day.
Travelling in my mind;
Imagination shows the way.

Above my head, a brilliant shower of light.
The evening silence shines;
A panorama of color announces night.

At the horizon the sun sinks towards its bed.
The sky above a canvas;
Painting the clouds in pink and red.

Evening gives way, as does my listlessness.
Sky blue becomes black;
Points of light pear out of the darkness.

The solitude of night is a companion to my soul.
Distractions disappear,
My thoughts and emotions become whole.

Above the expanses of the universe unfolds.
So does my mind;
Lost thoughts and unused emotions it holds.

Stored away unneeded, I am forced to face.
Bright points of light;
Emotions separated by the emptiness of space.

The cool night wind caresses me as it curls around.
High among the stars;
My mind wanders while my feet touch the ground.

In my serenity I retreat into the night.
Traveling alone in the dark;
I wonder again if ever there will be light.

By: James Whitaker
August 1998

Posted:  2004-02-20  9:06:35 PM

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