Siren Song in the Sky

I stand on a pinnacle looking out over the sea;
beneath the waves caress the jagged rocks and above her golden sunset.

I can feel her presence as she calls the sun to her;
itís warm glow as a spotlight aimed at my heart.

So close, her breath warms my neck;
but when I reach out, her hand does not meet mine.

From the horizon she paints the sky as a thousand times before;
streamers of gold pink and orange reach out to embrace me.

For years I have looked to her in the sky;
The rainbow glow from her silken hair...
White cotton clouds smooth her milky skin...

Just over the horizon she waits for me;
I walk endlessly towards her siren song in the sky.

Long I have walked to her... to this cliff shore I cannot continue;
held back by the sea, the rocks sneer at me.

I stand high to look for the face that intoxicates me;
but it falls below the horizon unseen.

Reverently I stand waiting for her to appear above the horizon;
so that I may gaze upon her eyes.

Eyes of honesty and magic that will draw me from the edge;
from the cold, dark rocks below.

By: James Whitaker

Posted:  2004-02-20  9:02:39 PM

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